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Rymar's Reliquary

Rymar's Reliquary specializes in custom handmade dice. We work to make our dice as perfect for every customer as we can. We take custom orders for dice and we also hand craft as many as we have time for outside of that. Our motto is "we can literally do anything you want with your dice (almost)!"


Our Story

This all started with me, Brandon, having a love of dice. Then I decided "you know I really could use some dice that are super unique and no one else has." That is when I started my "hobby" of making my own dice for fun. Well hobbies turn into obsession's, and obsession's turn into great ideas. It was at this time my wife, "the accountant" (actual accountant), stepped in and said "if you are spending that much money on this and they look that good why not sell them as well." I agreed, that was a great idea, and I haven't made myself a set since. 

We started working together on the dice for the business. We quickly grew to more than we expected. Hey Bear Cafe is the stepping stone we needed. With the help of their owner, VIcky, we quickly needed more inventory than we were able to keep up with. We grew to need more materials than expected and here we are now. 

This journey has been a process and considering we are still growing we are excited to see where this takes us.


Thank you to everyone who has supported us through this!


I am always open to any ideas or suggestions you may have! Feel free to reach out VIA text, email, or even a phone call. Our order form for dice is also available if you would like custom dice. We can literally do anything to customize your dice. (Almost)


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